Friday, 16 March 2012

Nosferato in Brazil (1970)

This is one of Ivan Cardoso's first films - shot totally in Super 8mm! It's a parody of the old-age vampire story, but this time Nosferato (Torquato Neto) decides to feed on the bikiniclad beauties lying on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro (land of the string bikini, mind you!) Lots of laughs, skin and an ingenius use of locations!

What a terrible piece of crap! I' ve ever seen worse FX (what effects?) and stunts, even for the 70's, and the "plot" is thin as a shoe-string. You only see Nosferatu running around chasing girls and then bite them - that's (nearly) all. At one point he can even be spoted on the beach, dressed only in a cape and his swimming trunks! The film was shot on 8mm, the (historical) first part is in black & white, but the second half doesn't look much better with it's grainy and faded-out colors. No dialogue here, but it has rock music dubbed in where the dialog is supposed to be. In the end he leaves on a plane for Europe - could this the origin of our legend?

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