Friday, 16 March 2012


Akiko Kashiwagi (Midori Fujita) has been haunted by recurring dreams since childhood stemming from an incident at Lake Fujimi when her cocker spaniel broke free and entered a forbidding house populated by a couple of very fearsome residents. Now grown and a painter, she's at the lake and seeking the assistance of Kyusaku, a local handyman, for an issue with her door. He's just received an empty oblong box from Dracula (Shin Kishida) with only a blood stain within. Soon a young woman is found by the side of the road, drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on her neck, barely clinging to life.

Akiko has since gotten another dog, a German shepherd also named Leo, and one day she returns home to find him missing from his house. Searching for him, she finds him dead, the handyman looking on with a blank expression on his face. He attacks Akiko and carries her away. Awakening, she finds herself menaced by the box's daytime occupant. People are acting strangely - Akiko's sister, Natsuko (Sanae Emi) is aloof and remote, having been vampirized by the lake's newest tenant. And the girl at the hospital attempts to leave, grapples with a security guard and plunges over a railing to the ground. Akiko's boyfriend, Dr. Saeki Takashi (Osahide Takahashi), shocked by the bizarre death of his patient, begins to suspect a connection in the string of incidents. Natsuko arranges for Saeki to be out of the house that night that she might present Akiko to Dracula. But Saeki finds an unpleasant surprise of his own in the backseat of his car as a violent thunderstorm rages.

Natsuko is found on the beach in a state similar to the mystery girl. Rushed to the hospital by Akiko and Saeki, the wounded woman implores the pair to see that her body is burned upon her death. Saeki places Akiko under hypnosis in hopes of effecting a cure and to see what connection there may be between her nightmares and the current string of attacks and deaths. Feeling progress being made, the pair return to Akiko's hometown and the site of the first incident. Entering the house, they find the body of an old man, his journal - and Natsuko.

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